Doug is committed to finding pragmatic solutions, and he believes that our Representatives should be working for Utah, not serving the party bosses in D.C. As your Congressman, Doug will fight for your priorities – good jobs for Utahns, responsible spending in Washington, and to protect the things that make Utah special.


Policy Issues

America’s veterans have fought for our country and freedom, and have protected us all. I believe no veteran or their family should have to fight their own government for the benefits they’ve earned.

I believe that nothing is more important than ensuring our children are able to reach their full potential. This means investing in education to prepare Utah students to compete with the rest of the world for high-paying jobs.

When working Utahns don’t do their jobs, they don’t get paid. I believe the same should be true for members of Congress.

Seniors who have worked hard and sacrificed their entire lives deserve a secure retirement. I will always honor the promise of Medicare and Social Security. In Congress, I will strengthen and protect Social Security and Medicare, and will never back down from those who want to privatize, cut or eliminate the benefits seniors have earned.

Keeping energy prices low is important to every American family and business. Making sure we have access to reliable, affordable energy is key to building our economy and bolstering America’s national security.

I believe that there is no greater priority than keeping Americans safe. The threat of terrorism caused by ISIS and other organizations threaten the freedom of all Americans and must be stopped. We need to take this threat seriously but cautiously so as not to put us back in another war that costs thousands of American lives.

From the Campaign Trail