Doug Owens Calls for Lowering America’s Corporate Tax Rate

Doug Owens Calls for Lowering America’s Corporate Tax Rate
Owens calls for lower tax rate as second plank in plan to create jobs and grow Utah’s economy.

SALT LAKE CITY – Fourth Congressional District candidate Doug Owens today announced the second plank of his plan to create good-paying jobs and grow Utah’s economy. Owens previously called for eliminating unnecessary and burdensome regulations on businesses. As the second plank in his new jobs plan, he is calling for Congress to lower America’s corporate tax rate and close legal loopholes that permit offshore tax havens.

For 25 years, Doug Owens has fought for Utah businesses and hard-working Utahns as a private business defense attorney. He will bring that same fight to Washington as a member of Congress.

“America currently has the highest corporate tax rate in the free world,” Owens said. “Lowering the corporate tax rate and closing offshore tax loopholes is a common-sense, bipartisan solution that will help businesses create jobs and will strengthen our economy.”

Doug Owens is a Salt Lake City native, husband, and father of four. As a highly-respected business defense attorney, he has 25 years’ experience helping businesses succeed. Six generations of Doug’s family have called Utah home. From those ancestors, he inherited the values he’ll take to Washington: hard work, concern for his neighbors, an appreciation for Utah’s unique beauty, and a desire to get things done.