Keeping Utah Beautiful

Utah is home to five world-famous national parks, 43 unique state parks, and a spectacular diversity of landscapes. Utahns know that our state […]

Govt. Accountability & Ethics

Hard-working Utahns are accountable for their actions. Government should be, too. In Congress I’ll push for regular audits […]

A Balanced Budget

When working Utahns don’t do their jobs, they don’t get paid. I believe the same should be true for members of Congress.


I believe that nothing is more important than ensuring our children are able to reach their full potential.

Jobs & the Economy

Six generations of my family have called Utah home. My wife Cynthia and I are grateful to raise our family here.


America’s veterans have fought for our country and freedom, and have protected us all. I believe no veteran […]

Social Security & Medicare

Seniors who have worked hard and sacrificed their entire lives deserve a secure retirement. I will always honor […]

Special Interest Influence

Our campaign finance system is broken, and corporations have too much influence over politicians at all levels of government.

Second Amendment

As a gun owner, I support the 2nd Amendment.   The vast majority of gun owners in Utah are responsible […]

Energy Independence

Keeping energy prices low is important to every American family and business. Making sure we have access […]

National Security

I believe that there is no greater priority than keeping Americans safe. The threat of terrorism caused by ISIS […]

Health Care

As the husband of a practicing physician, I understand the importance of good health care policy. I believe […]